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good evening ladies! It is so great to see so many posts tonight!!
I do the same thing you do misti. I keep a log of what I eat and keep a running total of my calories and I also keep a diet journal. I write down how I felt about the day as far as weightloss is concerned and I also keep up on my progress. I have had the same journal for almost a year now. I first started dieting in mar of 2001. When i look back I can see how immature I was about it. I was on atkins then and I lost 13 lbs in 14 days!! yet I wrote that I was disspointed that it was not more!! unbelievable huh?? A normal person would jump up and down with joy!! But not me. I was so out of it. But now I can see I have real goals and expectations of myself and I am thrilled with a two lb loss in a week. So I encourage everyone to go out and buy a cheap notebook and keep a journal. It really does help.
jackie you are so funny about the beans and *tootin* . So why the increase in fiber? Does it help you lose weight easier? Maybe I should look into it.
yes Ginny I got my inspiration back. I just have to stay focused. Maybe I should buy that bathing suit just so I will HAVE to fit into it. Or maybe a size 8 pair of jeans. that would get me going. But right now I'm just taking it one day at a time again. I did well today. 800 calories and 10 glasses of water. I feel great about it. I'm weighing tomorrow and hopefully I didn't gain from that little *escapade*. We'll see. but if I did that's ok. I'll just have to work harder.
Well, it's late and I'm beat. I'll see you girls tomorrow!

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