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Good evening!
Can you tell that I had a lot of time on the computer today???????
I had a bit of work to do on it, which kept me at the keyboard.
And the way it looks ~ with Dd's both a sniffling badly that who knows how much time I will get here again! One will want to entertain herself here and the other will need lots of snuggling and comforting. Sounds mean, but I am kind of hoping that Dd (6) stays home from school, it keeps my day sane and a nice quiet home day!

Before I forget, Jackie, please forgive me for being a bone head.
You had some awful news from your town with two bad injuries from sledding. How sad. And you are absolutely right, after hearing about those families and how they will be affected it makes a few pounds seem less a burden. But, on the upbeat- you will get those pounds off. (I will personally harrass you until you do!!!!! )

Kim- thanks for stopping in and offering the great advice. I know that the same thing happened at a Bally's near me. Rather sad.

Misti! Congrats on losing 2 #! Great! Good advice too, with reading the labels and also the log or diary of food. (another thing that WW asks for). Your weaknesses sound just like mine- I used to do that too with the big binge after everyone goes to bed. Now I show up here and drive all of you crazy!!!! But,that is what it is all about, finding another way to use your time in a productive (not fat productive!) manner.

Ok, I have babbled on enough for one day.
Have a great nite! See ya tomorrow!!!
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