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HI ladies I was just poking around your thread here and felt the need to make a comment..
forgive me for not remembering who but one of you is looking for a club membership well...
I was so excited to join Ballys especialy because I am ALWAYS with my son and they have a daycare, hes a friendly guy who loves everone .
So I joined up and prepaid(required) for 10 day care visits and schedualed them, Took my son in 3 times in fact and every single time he screams bloody murder. there was a different attendent each time and we would spend about 45 minutes calming him down and them calling me back before they would ask me to take him home. Hess 3 and knows to behave but when I even mention excersising he has a cow and runs to his room.
Long story short see if you can get a free memership and try out the day care to save some money I have to pay 42$ a month for a year for a service I cannot use ( I have no sitter or family) because my Ds wont go in the day care!
I also spent 55.00 at walmart for a nice weight bench with arm curl board ,leg curl, butterflys,and barbell then I take my family rollerskating at least once a month , plan on swimming at the local high school and got a bike for xmas i ride with my DD regularly. So all in all I spent 55 bench 150 bike around 200 for my own equipment and around 20 to 30 a month this is cardio and family time Good luck Kim
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