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Well, here I am again...trying to stay accountable! I'm trying something new since the end of last week. I'm trying to consume lots of fiber! I sure hope that this works! I had a hard time trying to figure out what foods had fiber in them. I've been veggin' out on a lot of beans. Last week it was in chili & this week its been Special K with strawberries, Low-Fat Wheat Thins, Calico Beans, Bean With Bacon Soup & I'm going to make a 15-Bean Soup tomorrow! And for any inquisitive minds..... YES!-I've been a tootin' away! Thank goodness DH is out of town 'til Thursday evening & no one is with me during the day. (Just poor Klarabelle, the cat!) Ginny: Sorry...I've been too busy to help you out by starting a new thread. The only problem I have is...once I'm posting, I can't stop! Congratulations on the l.5# loss, I'M JEALOUS!! I looked up some SAHM's posts from Feb. of last year & I almost fell over on how much I weighed compared to what I weigh now. How could I let myself go again? I guess I'll have to work harder on an incentive plan. I hope DD's exams are out of the way for awhile. Sounds like you had fun tubing. We were supposed to go on Friday night, but it was way too cold!! We have a ski hill that has the same set up as yours. DS went with his confirmation class last Wed. & had a blast! We had sad news in our town yesterday. A 13 y/o girl was sledding @ a near-by park on Saturday, fell off & broke her neck on a make-shift jump at the bottom of the sledding hill. Worse news-she died yesterday. Then- a few hours later...a 28 y/o lady died when she hit a tree sledding. I guess all that news makes my trouble seem small. I hopped on the scale this a.m. & was up 2.5#!
TOM started today, so this c/b why. CDM: I hope you enjoyed every bite @ the C.B. It used to be my favorite restaurant until I found out it was so bad that they refuse to issue a Nutritional Fact Sheet! RE: Health Clubs-Check with their local H.S./Middle School to see if they have any equipment/programs offered after school & on weekends. Also-check their Rec Dept. or the Chamber of Commerce to see if they have any info. I sure hope that your baby is feeling better! Spryng: I had pizza last night too! Unfortunately, it was a frozen Tombstone pizza. I had to have a quick dinner. Sounds like a great plan worked out between your Aunt & yourself. Keep drinking your water!

Well, I guess I'd better get going & work on getting rid of some trash & treasures in DD's room. She said to me this a.m.-"PLEASE MOM, PLEASE, DON'T GET RID OF ANY OF MY AMERICAN GIRL STUFF!" I told her: "Don't worry-I'll just get rid of everything else!" Well, not really-but I will clean house in there!! See yah all later! **Jackie**

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