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If the normal daily ups and downs of your weight are going to change your behavior or mood in a way that isn't beneficial to you, try something else! When you've been exercising and eating as healthfully as you can, it's perplexing and depressing to see weight start to gradually creep up over several days. I know, if I keep on doing what I'm doing, and make sure that I haven't made in errors in how many calories some item has or whatever, that it will creep on down again, but thatdoesn't make it any less annoying.

I bought a scale that weighs in .5 pound increments rather than one that weights in .2 pound increments, because I figured I'd drive myself crazy with the inevitable small changes up and down each day. I'm ok with the half pound, but digital scales that weigh by the full pound would show a little less variability, and work better for some.

I had to monkey around with my graph and photo program to get this graph small enough to load and still be visible, but I've attached it. I weighed myself almost every morning in 2006 (red dots). I also got weighed in the evening at a support group once a week (the blue dots). You can see that the daily weight is is MUCH more variable than the weekly weigh ins, even though the overall trend for both is down, thank goodness.

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