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Just a quick check in to say hello.

Cdm- as far as portion control and saying no goes (and I realize that this is not going to work for everyone, but it works for me now) you might try getting some weight watchers materials to help you out. What I find helpful with their program is that using the points system (and they have a great fast food guide that has most of the big chains) you can fit most fast food into a normal day, with some allowances. I agree with Spryng that Burger King is a tough one to eat at- but for example I will get their BK broiler (without the mayo) and it is 6 points (I am allowed 22-27 points a day). And I skip the dumb fries (an obnoxious number of points to blow on one food!). But using the points and the WW guide, you can try to fit in eating out and eating with non dieters and not feel like all you can get is a salad.
(I bought my WW stuff on ebay and do not go to meetings, too expensive!) It is just one way of trtying to make this all work.
Perhaps you can just buy the eating out guide alone, and it will give you an idea of how to fit eating out in your plans. I do hope that your day is going better than yesterday. Don't beat yourself up because you had one bad day!!!! Try to make good choices today- (drink all that nasty water too!). None of us got fat in one day, and taking it off is not going to happen in one day either. Good luck!

Spryng- how are you doing? Did you get your inspiration back?
Look at this positively~ you got thru the wedding (and met your goal!!!!!!!!! ) and you had a few days to slack off and get overeating out of your system. Today is a new day, a fresh start to get your inspiration back! Hope that you succeed and can stomach all that water (but honestly, the water is what keeps me in line!). If temptation strikes, have more water (wanna join me in buying stock in Scott toilet paper? ).

Well, I did my weigh in this morning, yes a day early, and I am down to 157.5#. (I forget where I was last week, but I think I lost 1.5#). Ok, not a dramatic loss, but enough to inspire me and keep me on track today!
Gotta go. I'll try to check in later. Have a great day!
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