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Hi all! I'm glad to see this new thread started. The other was about to be at page three!! My day yesterday went ok. But my dieting didn't. Dh brought home pizza which I was craving so bad and I ate way too much. I felt really bad about it last night but this morning I'm forming a new plan. I know sticking to this diet is going to get harder for me now that I don't have a wedding or something specific spurring me on and that puts me in a time frame. But I'm going to visit my aunt come the beginning of June and I would definitely love to be at my ultimate goal weight by then. She is dieting too and we started at about the same weight so we are encouraging one another to keep going. So I need to stay focused for her. She needs the support and so do I. So today I'm thinking about eating a small breakfast and drinking my self silly. (only water of course) Then on to my regular meals later. I hope this works. I need to get my old mind frame back. I loved it when i would only eat till satisfied and then stop. Last night I ate until it literally hurt. I don't want that feeling again.
Well anyway, we all goof up right? Like was said today is a new day a fresh start. I'm using that fresh start and trying to get it right this time.
cdm- good luck on your health club hunt. But if you can't find one you are comfortable at you have the right idea of purchasing a bike or something. I would really love to buy a nice treadmill. But I have absolutely no room for it. So hopefully we'll join the gym. I'm actually looking forward to long workout sessions while the kids play at the onsite day care. I hardly ever get a break from them and even though I would be working out it sounds like heaven three times a week!! When we go to taco bell I can order three things that I like a regular hard taco (180 cal) bean burrito with no onions (380 cal) or a burrito supreme with no onions (440 cal) So I usually get either both a taco and bean burrito or one burrito supreme depending on how I did with calories to that point of day. I'm not concerned with fat grams so I don't worry about it. The only place I can't really eat is burger king. Everything there is ridiculous in calories!! So I just stay away from it.
ginny- it sounds like you had alot of fun sledding with the family. We haven't had any snow this year here. I would love to get out and play in it if we had any. But I'm looking forward to summer with the kids. They are 1 and 2 so going to the lake ought to be alot of fun this summer. Then we have a trip planned to Tulsa in june that should be exciting!! We will be there 5 days. At an extremely fancy hotel and I just can't wait. That's what I'm losing weight for now. That trip. last year when we went I was a size 16. This year I should be a size 8!!! Nobody is going to recognize me this time and I just can't wait!!!
Well, I guess I'll get off here. I have a few more emails to send and then I'm going to get to drinking that water!!!

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