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Default Ready to Rock 2007!! Happy New YEAR!

Sorry all for being MIA, just the holidays have gotten me a little more than pre-occupied, which I know is NO excuse for not taking five and coming to check in. I hid the laptop under my dresser so that it's outta reach to little hands, now THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER!! In a strange way, I'm relieved...doesn't that sound terrible. I've been a busy bee putting my house back in order and stuffing the Christmas cheer back in their containers. It took me a week to decorate and a day to put it all does that make sense?? LOL!!

Anyways...exactly one year ago tonight I made a change. I found some wonderful friends here and was about to embark on the tough task of losing 104lbs.!! Yikes, that sounded like the impossible, but in fact quite doable. So far, ticker says I've lost 57lbs. (psst..still owning it till I totally get back to routine). Now tonight, exactly one year later I'm turning a new page and about to embark on another tough task of losing 47 more lbs. Totally sounds doable, doesn't it!! I'm really excited! I'm about to plan my menus for the week and get ready to do some shopping (healthy shopping for it tomorrow), not quite so excited for the workouts (who said they would ever come easY?) but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! My husband is still waving the Hawaii trip in front of me for my goal retreat...hehehe!! I have no excuses, I have a ton of choices and I intend on making the best of it!

Seems we have a new thread, you're right Robsia, we totally needed one and I intended on doing that...but like I said, I was too preoccupied. The only thing I wish we could have done was to (repost) the welcoming post just in case we get some newbies.

I hope you all had a great holiday and totally ready to rock the year of more weight loss and healthy successes.

By the way the scale did indeed drop down 217.5 so hopefully these holiday pounds will disappear as fast as they came!


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