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Hi everyone,
Wow you guys do so well with your cal. intake and portion control (spryng and Misti) I really really have to get my head on straight with portion control and saying NO! I went to lunch with my sister today (Cracker Barrel) and we got Saleds but of course I had to have a biscut too!! We are dieting together and I can really see that she is really using much more self control then me! I have got to get it "together"!!
I know part of my thinking is that with this move and all - I will get more serious after I get settled but All I am really doing is wasting time! I also feel so discouraged with my "health Club Hunt" down in town we are moving too. Just dont have much to choose from - not like what I am used to at least! Maybe I will use the same money that a would buy a membership with and bye an exercise bike instead. Well guess I will go to bed and end this "bad" dieting day! Oh well tomorrow is a fresh start! I think the baby is starting to feel better, went to bed tonight with out a ton of screaming and crying - boy the last few nights have been so hard. Hope we are through the worst of it!
by the way spryng what is it you get when you go to Taco Bell that fits into your diet?
Have a good evening!
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