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Morning gals!

Barb I bet your body didn't know what had happened with 9 hours of sleep. You certainly need it. Enjoy your day off!

Cottage Hope that you get off early! I didn't want to get out of bed either- it was raining here this morning and it was the perfect setting to stay in bed. The girls have been sleeping in some (7:30-8:00), so that was still nice.

Holly Feel better!

Ally Just get right back on track today- you can do it!!

Me- I had my first completely SBD day yesterday in a very long time!! It felt great to go to bed knowing that I had been good to my body. I am not happy with myself that I have gotten back into the 160s, especially when I went back to school in August at 154ish. BUT, I am determined to stay OP. We don't have much junk left from the holidays and only have plans on New Year's Eve in which I plan to not drink, b/c I will be driving and will have my kids and also plan to take a couple of SB approved snackies.

Okay, day 4 of cleaning, purging, and organizing. Amazing that a little house like myself can take so much time!
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