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Well Good Morning all!

Dana, Thank you for that grand post! Just what I needed to re-affirm my weight loss commiment! I am happy with the weight I have so far lost ?YES, Am I satisfied? NO. I have alot more to go. Is it easy ? No, IS it worth it ? Yes!

SUe, Thank you for posting those sites for me. I haven't done them yet but I bookmrked them. I am so glad that you are on-path. Such determination and commitment!

I had a quiet weekend, DH was home so I don't seeem to get 1/2 of what I want done. We are 1/2 hearted ly house hunting. I think it is teh weather that is slowing us down. As well as we have been here 6 years which is a long time to accumulate stuff.

Pam how are you? I miss your posts, wisdom, honesty and insight.
Terri what are you up to?
B00- How are things going for you?
I am worth the time it takes to be healthy!

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