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Trying to find my way.
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Dana I just read your post and had puddles on my computer key board! NOt good for it but very good for my heart! I am so happy for your success. it is wonderful. I too have found such joy here and with my very dear friends here on this thread. When times get tough and i feel like is it worth it. I know I have to come to this board and see you guys because we are relying on eachother so I show up and you inspire me and make me know I can do it! Thanks for all the wonderful support.

And YES we are worth it.
yes we will make it
yes we are a wonderful group
no I will not settle for being where I am now
no i will never go back to the old woe (with the help of my friends)
yes i will have to watch my intake for the rest of my life but i know how to do it in a way that is pleasurable.
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