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I tried to search for information about usana reset but since it looks like it is an MLM (not 100% sure but seems that way), I can find only ads as opposed to real information. It looks like it is a 5 day meal replacement program? I'm not big on meal replacement programs although I do drink a shake every morning of my own crafting.

One thing that strikes me though is your comment about getting rid of cravings caused by blood sugar fluctuations. That is quite easy for you to do yourself. Many initial phases of dietary programs such as atkins, south beach diet, sugar busters, etc are designed to stabalize your blood sugar. It is pretty simple to do yourself. If you avoid items that contain sugar (and sugar substitutes), avoid processed foods, avoid white flour foods, eat foods that are high in fiber and focus on whole foods as well as lean proteins, you can get rid of blood sugar induced cravings. Of course if you start eating sugars and white flour products again, then the cravings will come back.
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