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Oh, Patti . Depression is such a ruthless companion. It makes you feel that your world is so hopeless, that you are not loved for who you are, that change is insurmountable. But here's the deal. None of that is true! You can turn this around, and if you can just get started and ditch the all or nothing mindset, it's not so hard in the end. (Hard to believe I know, but true) You are going to make mistakes. We all make mistakes, but the trick is what you do after the slip. If you dust yourself off and strive to make more right decisions than wrong, you will start seeing successes in no time.

I started my weight loss journey (again) in November. I was foggy headed, felt sick, depressed (I didn't get out of bed for days sometimes), and the only thing that I thought comforted me was food and lots of it. But it's not a comfort after you swallow it. I started by buying vegetables, fruit, chicken, high fiber cereal, and skim milk. Then I went for a walk. It was the hardest of my life. I vowed that I never wanted to feel so terrible attempting to do so little again. And I swear to you it got easier: the eating, the exercise, not binging. They were small steps, but in a month I already felt better both physically and about myself. I still have a lot of weight to lose, but being on the right track feels great. And the folks here could not be more supportive if they tried! So, welcome to you. I'm thrilled you found this place! We're in it together, so whatever help you need, we're here for you.

Hang in there: there is so much light ahead if you just take baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

One thing that I found really interesting is the book You On A Diet, by Dr. Memhet Oz. You might look for it at the library (it's fairly new). It's not a diet book really, but rather a very easy read on nutrition and how your body reacts to food and why we crave. If you are just starting out learning about what foods are good for you and simple exercises you can do without any external equipment, it's a good one. I learned a lot and it sort of stripped the emotion out of the subject for me, which helps me to make better choices.

Take care!!!!!

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