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Originally Posted by Happy Apple View Post
What are my crafts...hmmmm, right now I make a mean batch roasted chick peas - does that count?
Happy, you are a riot! I think that definitely counts as a craft...many of us are befuddled by making the perfect batch of chick peas!

I actually took a class at a beading store like the one you mentioned! I know Michael's usually does classes, if you have one by you. I took mine while we were on vacation in Montreal. It was a class on metalwork/wirework and I wanted to try it out while I still remembered some of it! It was a lot of with an instructor for almost three hours for $25 Canadian! A very good deal!

However, it's very easy to string beads on string...especially if you get a beading board. I'd never seen them until recently, but they are awesome! They hold your beads in place, but they, more importantly, have markings and measurements on the sides so you can line up all your beads and make sure they are straight and even. It's worth the $5 or so that the board costs.

Personally, I'm most adept at collecting crafting supplies. I could easily collect tons of beads and do nothing with them! Our poor credit card...
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