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Wow Schatzi you have so many talents. The only things I do are cross stitch and crochet. I can knit if I absolutely have to but would rather not.

I started a small picture of an eagle in cross stitch for my husband this year for Christmas but the arthritis in my hands is making it hard to do so it is going to end up being a birthday present in March instead.

I am in the process right now of finishing the afghan and slippers I am making for my mother this year. I'm almost done with the fringe on the afghan and have one slipper left to do. I did it in a dark forest green in a yarn called Jewel Tones so it is kind of shimmery and then the border you put on it I did in a variegated dark green, pale fuchsia and cream. It has turned out really beautiful. The slippers I’m making are in the dark forest green to match.

Growing up my aunt always made everyone an afghan for a high school graduation present. She has passed away and the next generation is going to start graduating in about 2 years so I am in the process of looking for patterns that I think will fit each of them and finding out what their favorite colors are. I had forgotten how much fun it is to look for new patterns.

Good crafting to everyone and may your projects finish on time!!
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