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Default Can someone who truly deserves it really win the BL?

And yeah, I guess I have to admit "truly" is subjective, isn't it?

I know he has no chance but I hope Wylie would win. He worked very hard, got great results, always had a positive attitude and played an up and up game.

Kai plotted to vote people out and then cried when they left. I thought that was insincere. But I do give her the credit she deserves for losing the most weight of any woman on the show and definitely earned her place in the finals.

Early on I thought Erik was too whiney but he really lost my vote when he made a promise to Bob and then turned around and booted out Marty. He bold-faced lied as he had no intention to keep his biggest competition on board. I also felt that coming it at 407 pounds he had a much bigger advantage to pull consistent big numbers and keep himself in the game.

I personally think Jarron deserved to be in the final four just as much as any of them. Imagine if you got to be part of the game but didn't get picked for the ranch. How much harder the at home people must have had to work when they didn't have a trainer pushing and coaching them. They probably still worked full time jobs too and didn't get to spend all day in the gym like the people on the ranch did. The game rules this season allowed for the 2 biggest at home losers to participate in the game. I thought they faced alot of hostility from the original members and surprisingly from Bob Harper too. Both Adrian and Jarron came to the ranch doing better percentage wise than most of the other players. I watched the show thinking wow, I don't know if it was me if I could tough it out with those people - I don't think they ever had a chance.

No matter who wins, it's still very inspirational to look at these folks and see that it is possible to turn your life around.
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