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i am so glad to see our board healing. we've all been through a lot together and will continue to do so. that's life, i guess. families as well as friends have these hills to climb every now and then.

i was so worried about losing our group. for awhile i tried to post like nothing was wrong but that was a mistake. frouf, thank you for breaking the ice. that's what was needed.

vickie, my heart goes out to you. i know exactly how you're feeling with cindy's decline. that's so sad. i will keep her and you in my prayers. i pray she gets better. if that's not meant to be, i pray she remains comfortable and out of pain. sometimes that's all we can ask for. if you need to talk, i'm here for you. i love you.

kathy, thank you for the welcome home. i'm sorry you had to spend big bucks on your car. we're about to have to do the same. 50 isn't bad. i began a whole new life's adventure when i hopped into that decade. i'm turning 60 in a few weeks and am excited about it. never thought i would be, but i am.

okay, where's the rest of our bunch? our board is healing but to get well, it needs all of you back. also, i'm nosey and am wanting to know what's going on on your ends of cyberspace.

i love you all bunches!!
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