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I think the suggestion was initially brought up because nobody was posting here. The general thought was that it's all WW, so keep WW together and let Flex have a thread, and Core have a thread. It would be much like the Atkins people who don't have their own board, but have a thread in the general Low Carb area.

Vickie, I really just want you to know that I would never intentionally say anything that I thought might be hurtful or taken as a direct attack. I would like to apologize for everything that has transpired and am begging you to please not go. PUL-EASE!

Look how much we've all missed from each other's daily lives over the last month. I had a birthday -- the big 5-0. Imagine how it felt to go thru it by myself ... there was nobody here to call me an old lady!! Nobody knows that Shaun finished up his first part of A-school in Great Lakes and is going to Fort Lauderdale next week. That's big news! Or that Kate and her boyfriend broke up and she had to move out! How about all our Thanksgiving comings and goings? While the Whole Foods and Featherweights (the two places I mod/watch) are nice folks, they're just not you guys.

I wish everybody would reconsider and come back. I really, really do. And that's all I know to say.

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