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Good morning ladies, happy hump day. Well, our Christmas tree is up with lights but we are letting Michael pretty much put the ornaments on. That should be interesting, most of the ornaments will be on the middle and bottom . I also got some of my hard drive info back on DVD from the repair place. I have to go through it and see what's left.

Angie, I got your b-day card yesterday. That has got to be the funniest freakin' gift-card holder I have EVER seen . Thanks for the laughs and the gift card, you know I will use it! As far as your email, it could be as simple as unplugging your internet connection to re-set it and plugging it back in, or you may have to just uninstall the software for the email program and reinstall it. Mine does that sometimes too. I reset the cable modem and it seems to do the trick. I HATE computer problems!

Kempy, the pics of your house were beautiful. Even if you say it is a smaller model, it is just awesome to look at. I noticed some "designer" homes were almost a million... you know at those prices, a house your size in HI would still be close to a million--it's location location location right?

Hey Cal, did your doctor let you take your frankenboot off? Hope you're healing up well. What is Ashley asking for for Christmas this year?

Hi to Cherie, Dips, Julie (where ya hiding? we miss you!)
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