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Originally Posted by famograham View Post
How did you do today?
Horribly but still okay! I ate nasty stuff like Chex mix, triscuits with cheese ball, a can of regular cola. Actually had a twinge of worry at the start when I saw the cheese ball and crackers come out, then told myself I'd keep track of how many crackers and estimate the cheese ball.

Same for the rest, but the Chex mix was trouble! I fell into the snack zone with it. I don't know if you guys have experienced this, but often when I begin eating a tasty snack like that, I'll enjoy it so much that I zone out and just get this weird single minded obsession to stick my hand back into the bowl. I swear it feels like my eyes glaze over too.

So anyway, fell into snack zone for some minutes but luckily the bowl wasn't very full and once it was empty, it was empty. Hey, I'm just proud I didn't ask sis to fill the bowl again! Still, it's a worrisome state of mind to fall into.

Exercise was fine, thought I was in the mood for it and sis wasn't (see my exercise blog for details, link is in the dropdown menu). Today is exercise-free. I ordered a scale from Amazon which will arrive Weds. I am anxious to get a baseline reading.
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