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Jasmine you are so amazing!!! You are such an inspiration to me, I really need to take your lead and just do this already!! Way to go on that loss!!! Onederland here she comes!!!! What an amazing new years gift for yourself! How's the throat? I hope its short lived, no need to be getting sick now!

Mande....ah the baking! I dont dare start doing that till much closer to Christmas. Although I'm not sure I will do much this year since my cousin who I normally share half of it all with has gestational diabetes so she doesnt need the goodies around anymore than I do.

We got our tree yesterday, its SO beautiful and my house smells amazing! If I didnt have so much homework to do today I'd go get the outdoor lights put up and finish putting up the rest of the inside stuff. But I gotta focus...1 more week of classes and then finals then I'm a free woman for a few weeks!!!

Off to the books! Have a fantastic sunday everyone!!

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