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Hi Luminous!


There seems to be fat denial running rampant these days. Check out the thread about mirrors a click or two back! I guess we all just get busy with our lives and our families and house stuff and work and put ourselves W-A-Y back there as a priority! Then when we have a few "extra minutes" we grab some ME time the fastest way that we know how -shoving a donut or a pack of cookies in our mouth as we speed from thing to thing. Enough of THIS kind of "exercise" and voila! FAT, FAT, and MORE FAT!

Then when we have a minute extra beyond cookie land we look in the mirror and see the person we ONCE WERE instead of the real reflection that is before us. This can seem to go on FOREVER!

I wonder why it seems to take more than a load of bricks falling on ourselves to make us really see what we are looking at in that mirror...

For some it has been a picture. I know that was MY wake up call! Also I have been watching Oprah and Dr. Phil recently and seen the trials of several women and men who have huge amounts of weight to lose so that they can live healthy lives. More and more information is coming out about the dangers of having too much weight on our bodies. It is a very scary thing!

I admire you being able to walk a marathon AT ANY WEIGHT! My son lost 75 pounds over the last several years and just ran his first one in September. His new and healthier lifestyle will buy him many more years of life, I am sure.

You will be able to do this! This site is FANTASTIC, and the people here are SOOOOOOO encouraging! There are many here who have lost a lot of weight and continue to support all of us here who are on our way to ONEderland. These people have TONS of ideas, and they KNOW what we are going through because they have BEEN there!

Post often! Read all the great tips and tricks from all the great posters here. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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