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Default Holy macaroni! When did my scale get so off? What? It's not?

When did this happen? Over the past few years, you say? Get out! *Elaine shoving Jerry motion*


Not fair! I'm not beautiful, but I'm not hideous. It is rumored that I am bright. People seem to enjoy my company, as much as I might feel introverted and awkward much of the time. My health astounds the ladies at the blood-donation center, where nurses coo at my 110/70 blood pressure. But I have to have this urge to solve everything with food!

Okay, a reality check brought me here. I've always been in perfect health. My lowest adult weight was 180, when I returned from a semester abroad. I lost 20 pounds there because we walked everywhere. I was walking a minimum of an hour and a half a day! When I got back, my skinny friends were huffing and puffing to keep up with ME when we went walking around town. Kept that off for a few years, then it began creeping up again, stabilizing between 220-240. It was in this weight range that I trained with the Arthritis Foundation and walked the Honolulu Marathon.

Then I began freelancing. Staying home way more often. Eating way worse. I became withdrawn and in retrospect probably suffered a bout of depression. I got back into things and changed my living situation and have been much happier...but it never clicked just how much weight I had gained!

So about a week and a half ago I get a pain in my gut that won't go away. After about a week of this I go to the doc and she's all like, gallbladder, dude. I went for an ultrasound last week but haven't the results yet. I don't want them. We don't want no stinkin' results. Oh, I forgot, their scale said I weighed 327.

327? Me? know...that explains a lot of things.
  • It explains why I have a hard time cutting my toenails.
  • It explains why (Until Oct., that's when I began working out with sis) I got winded walking to the mailbox.
  • It explains why I feel like my shirts are getting too short!
  • It explains why airplane seatbelts have gotten way shorter in the past few years.
  • It explains why that ring doesn't fit my finger anymore. No, I couldn't write that one off as metal shrinking. I'm too logical to accept that. Instead I just ignored it.
So I told myself, self, you've been working out for a few months. You've got a start under your belt. You know all this gallbladder information you've been checking out talks about poor diet. You might want to straighten that out a tad before some other health thingy comes up and really kicks your ***. You know that whole, natural foods and proper balance make you glow. Get to it.

Went back to Fitday (blew it off a while back) and began seriously tracking and shooting for a healthy balance, and I have been pleasantly surprised. I've always been wary of diet plans as they all seem to stick the same 1200-calorie diet on you, no matter where you start from. And that seems really weird to throw on a person who has probably been taking in 3k calories a day. But I digress. Fitday totally satisfies my anal need for science and data. I can know exactly how much of every nutrient I am getting. I can see down to the kcal how much what my body requires. So, I'm eating 500-1000 calories fewer a day than my body's maintenance needs. I'm still working out with sis. We love those workout videos. My gut still hurts, but not very badly at all; you know, right now, it's more my ovary that's hurting, which is fine by me!

Wow, I'm scared ****less to post this. You'll know exactly what I weigh. What if people I know online stumble across this site somehow? Zomg! Halp!
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