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I did relatively well on Thanksgiving itself, but with a houseful of visitors (still) it is hard to get back on the diet track. As soon as they leave on Wednesday, it will be back to normal.

I had made 6 pies for our family gathering (there were 30 of us) and we barely ate half of the pies. I pawned half of the remaining with my aunt and took home the equivalent of less than 2 pies. I didn't even eat any until the following evening! So I have to say I did good!!!

I think my downfall is the wine.....too easy to say it's a holiday or the weekend, lets do happy hour a bit early today!! LOL

Anyway, all of that and I'm up only 1 pound for the 4 day weekend. I'm not beating myself up over it. Today, I had my kashi for breakfast (Oh, yeah, and a piece of left over pizza--oops) and salad for lunch. I missed my snack of yogurt (not hungry at snack time--could it have been that pizza?).

I have no idea what to have for dinner tonight. I don't know how many of us there will be (anywhere from 4 to 8) so it is hard to plan. I may have to run out to the store to buy a few supplies. I am out of salad. I think I have enough chicken to grill plus some fresh green beans and perhaps brown rice. I think my tummy would appreciate this more generic fare!

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