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Trying to find my way.
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I am here. Had a hard time getting on with the kids. DD has broken with her Bf so now she monopolizes the puter to play games!!! I can not get anything done with her here!!! I get other things done during the day but UGH!!!

Pat i do believe i read it!! And i did reply with the long post to Pam it to had dissapeared. I know you had said that youu were thinking of becoming a life coach???? that is absolutly great we have to bring that up agian. I think that is exactally what i am doing but with a different punch line but in essence I am a lifecoach. HHHMMM catch title i love it!!!

I am doing good this weekend but not takin in enough food!! it sure is funny saying that!!!!

I am tired so i will hit the sack so good night to all. I have a busy day tomoorow so i will not be able to get on untill late if dd has not taken the puter again!! I wish that she would just go a head and get it over with and make up with the kid!!! he is a love sick puppy!!!
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