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An ablounge is an ablounge no matter where you get it, but I'm sure there have probably been some knockoffs made. Mine was the real thing, and it was just poorly built. I know they have several different kinds, though, so maybe the more expensive ones are made better. Mine was noisy, too, but I didn't keep it long enough for it to get terribly annoying I guess.
The BEST ab workout I've found-Pilates. I find it difficult to do regular situps and crunches because I have some trouble with my back, and I always get the form wrong trying not to hurt myself. Get a video for $10-20, and there's no equipment to buy or have to find a place to store. If you can gauge how much of a workout you get by how sore it makes your abs afterwards-Pilates has the ab lounge beat by a mile anyway.
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