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Originally Posted by mtp_and_hmp View Post

Breakfast: 1 cup real oatmeal
Lunch: Boca Burger OR veggie 'chicken' patty on whole wheat roll
Snack: Yoplait Whips yogurt
Dinner: Chicken OR fish w/ veggie
It is really hard to say whether or not you are consuming enough calories-no one here can REALLY estimate unless we know exact brands, and serving sizes. You could be eating 2 or 10 oz. of chicken at dinner, or 1/2 cup or 3 cups of veggies for all I know-you know what I mean?

So-you could be eating 800 a day, or 2000. Without knowing what kind of roll the sandwich is on, or serving sizes-I can't say whether you are eating enough food, or too much. I would say though, that if you actually count calories and find that they are too low-that you should add in 1-2 fruit servings, and a skim dairy if at all possible.

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