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Originally Posted by mtp_and_hmp View Post
I've been noticing that I'm not as hungry as I used to be. Does this sound like an all right day to you (this isn't necessarily what I ate today, or any given day, at that):

Breakfast: 1 cup real oatmeal
Lunch: Boca Burger OR veggie 'chicken' patty on whole wheat roll
Snack: Yoplait Whips yogurt
Dinner: Chicken OR fish w/ veggie

That doesn't seem like a lot of food to me but, since losing weight, I'm not all that hungry anymore. I don't really track my food anymore (didn't really 'do' anything for me), and I'm still losing on average 1 lb a week.

Oh, and sometimes, if I have time, I add a scrambled egg and share a piece of toast with fat free 'butter' with my 2 year old. Between cleaning, taking care of/entertaining my two kids, keeping the house livable ( there isn't much more time for anything else.
Depending on how much chicken or fish (and what kind) and how it's cooked and whether you use any dressing on the sandwich or marg. on the oatmeal, it looks like you might have about 1000 calories there. Add a cup of skim milk and an apple with lunch and you'll be fine.

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