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Before I join the rest of the chorus, I need to ask a few questions because you said you love to exercise and you said this lack of energy is recent.

1. How much and how often were you exercising up until this lack of energy. While you used the self-deprecating phrase of "when I can my lazy butt up," is it possible you were convincing yourself to exercise frequently and then your love of exercise was leading to long sessions? If you have been exercising a few days a week for an hour or so a day total, then go to question two. If you've been getting your "not so lazy butt" up 6 or 7 days a week and letting your love of exercise lead to some marathon sessions, your lack of energy may be due to overtraining. I often hear chronic overtrainers refer to themselves as lazy, especially when they commit they god-awful sin of ...ssshhh giving themselves a rest day.

2. Are you sure you are not coming down with a flu or something?

If you have been overtraining or show symptoms of a virus. Take a rest and come back refreshed with renewed vigor. A love of exercise is a wonderful thing and we don't want to lose it and that can happen if you overtrain long enough or force yourself to workout when sick.

If you haven't been overtraining and are showing no signs of illness, then I agrree with everyone above....JUST DO IT! The energy will come

Edited to add one more thought: Is it possible that you are just bored with your routine? Are you doing a good blend of cardio, resistance training, and flexibility training or have you been hammering away at one component? Have you done the same cardio or weight training exercises repeatedly for a long period. It may be time to switch things up and add variety and give your body and mind a jump start.

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