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Thank you to you all!!!! I am still enjoying this - and the first weigh in was good! Not great - but good - I was up last week, so was expecting more I guess this week - more of a change that is - but here's the numbers:

11/07/06 - 4.0 lbs Core
10/30/06 + 1.8 lbs Flex
10/24/06 -0.8 lbs Flex
10/17/06 -2.0 lbs Flex
10/10/06 -4.2 lbs Flex
10/03/06 -3.2 lbs Flex
09/26/06 -- Starting date

Four pounds! I guess I'd be happier but basically I'm only down 2.2 over 2 wks -so the average isn't too great. Ok I guess...

Anyhow - thanks again to everyone for their input I'm sticking with Core again this week. I'm hoping that I can get 2.6 off this week - that puts me at 15. Fingers crossed

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