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Well it's wednesday

I am shooting for a third OP day. I can feel my mental energy rise each day as I get the carbs out of mysystem. I too seemed to be holding on to the weight alot longer than I thought I should from x-0mas. I finally decided that some of it must have been fat. But I am happy to say as of yesterday that ugly old weight was gone!!
I almost had to buy a new scale because i almost threw mine out the window. LOL I thought I had put on 5#. I have to admit it sure helped me yesterday when I had the occational craving. TOM is looming. It can arrive any time.

My routine seems to have worked out so I am getting everything in without being an airhead or feeling rushed. I was going to join the Y, but I will see if my boredom or complacency creeps in. I workout in the morning and that would mean that I would have to take my work clothes to the gym. The hassle seems like a pain. We''l see. There is still the candy dish at work, but I seem to be able to avoid it w/o too much of a fight. I was talking to a co-worker yesterday, who shared that after her DH left her she dropped 100+ pounds she still has at least that much to go. She was scared that she had allowed 10# creep back over the holidays. And was trying to get back on track. Talk about fear, I could relate as I have been in a fit about the 4-6 I kept playing with. I came to realize that that is something that is different this time. I don't want to do this again. I don't want to slip back. I hate that I have to do all that I am doing to get this damn stuff off, But I certainly don't want to have to do it again. .

Well enough of me

Sue I hope your meeting went alright last night. WHat exactly are you doing? You were one busy poster yesterday!

Dana, how do those walking tapes work? I just read ina mag of all the gym machines the treadmill ranked the highest in getting the most out of your w/o. Is is a video?

B00- Today you will have an awesome Day

Terri, great on the walking You too will have agreat day!!

Pam , Lee Mary and all you others , wheer are you? Check in and let us know.

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