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Default First time on core - a few inputs please?


This is my first time on Core! Ok. I TRIED to do it a few times - but NEVER made it though one day. So by the end of that day just counted my day on points and made it a wash.

THIS time - I actually made it through day one - and am currently on the 5th day! That day one was the TOUGHEST - I was obsessed with what I couldn't have. As each day goes by - I find more and more that I CAN have, and to be honest I'm getting frightened that I might not lose with all the possible food choices. Sounds too good to be true. I actually AM getting my glasses of milk in (avoided the points sacrifice on flex) -I eat more fruits - and starchy veggies than I did on flex. As a whole I am eating healthier - am happier, not suffering from intense daily (hourly) cravings of sugary foods.

I'm loving it so far - but am afraid I won't lose. I felt pretty positive the first few days, but am having doubts as weigh in day draws closer (Tuesday).

All this said - I was shocked about a few discoveries:

FF Cream cheese - Not core
Olives - CORE?! WOW!
Deli Meat - not core thats tough (I DID have some roast beef I bought earlier this week for lunch, but will be more careful moving forward - does anyone allow themselves deli meat and NOT have problems with it affecting the weight loss?)

Potatoes and Corn - CORE!

There's so much that we CAN have! some things I don't quite get or think are a huge issue (FF SF Flavored yogurt - I know it's from the added corn starch or whatever - but I can't imagine it's that much of an impact) I am trying to stick to the plan, and am enjoying it so far.

It's hard to get out of the habit of 'saving' WPA - for the weekend for instance. I mean, I had eggs and toast for b-fast - and only counted 1 pt for the toast. I just had a tblspn of nuts and some FF SF Instant chocolate pudding and a tall glass of skim milk for a snack - only had 1 pt in the nuts - the rest was core. It feels too good to be true..

I might sacrifice and have a pizza with 1 pt Tortilla, Core sauce, ff cheese, seasonings, maybe a bit of olive oil, veggies - maybe some diced chicken... all of it for 1 pt. Maybe I'll allow some light cheese instead and get another 2 pts or so -for 3 pts total

Does it really really really work??? I know atkins does - I know Somersizing worked for me (slowly), I also know that flex works for me - this just feels so LIBERATING. and the recipes!! I just spent an hour building a grocery list for some nummy foods.

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