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Hello Buddies!

A co-worker and I stayed after work today and did the Leslie Samsung (is that her name????..the lady who does the walking tapes and has those blue hand weight balls) 2 mile walking tape. We did the one that is 2 miles in 30 minutes with lots of upper body movements. I saw them on tv and wondered if they were any good. My friend bought a few of them and really likes them. After doing it I can say that I realy liked them. We plan on doing it a couple days a week. Did anyone else out there ever see them?

On plan and trying hard to get the water in! I would really like to see Mr. Scale get FRIENDLY with me on Friday!

Work to catch up on I gotta run!

Hello to all!

Dana (HOPEFUL and feeling some burn in the upper legs thanks to the workout!)
Success is up to ME!
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