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Default HELLO

Hi all,

Just popping in for a few minutes......trying to get back OP,,,havent had any luck I dont know what the prob is , its just hard to get back at it.....I have every intention when I wake up and just cant seem to stick to it all day...altho yesterday I really didnt do all that bad and my prob yesterday was I didnt get home till 7 p.m from work and running with the kids...

I took Kelly (my 12 yr old daughter) to the docs yesterday after work....she has broken ankle from playing in basketball tournament on Sun,, so off to the pharmacy for a big gel brace and the time I got home last night everyone was screaming for dinner (no, no one else here seems to know how to cook haha) so it was a late one and I was so hungry that I didnt care what I ate....I know, I know,, better planning on my part...... anywhooo

Im feeling good and ready to start....just need to plan better..I have done my walking (at the mall) a little window shopping goes along with it hehehe.....

Take care everyone talk to ya later...
Go Green!!!!! Terri
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