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hi everyone! just hopped on to keep myself out of the kitchen and waste some time until gray's anatomy comes on. is anyone else addicted to that show? i never watched it until this summer--then i had to rent seasons one and two and get caught up before this season started. it's about the only show on tv this year that i make sure i watch--that and biggest loser.

anyway, just wanted to do some quick personals:

angel-- i'm glad you found us. i just started a couple of weeks ago, and am on here all the time now. it's a great way to avoid temptation for me (like when the candy was calling on halloween!). i started gaining all my weight in college and didn't really know what to do about it since weight had never been an issue for me (5'8 or 9, around 150 in high school, size 12--i was happy with that). i am an emotional eater and a lot of stuff happens when you move out on your own for the first time, as i'm sure you know. anyway, now it's 14 years later and i'm finally figuring things out.....well, better late then never, right? hope to see you post often!

mechell--i just got new shoes too! they are comfortable and great for exercise, etc., but mostly i just like them cuz they're pretty!

pochita--way to go on the weight loss even with company! what will power!! keep it up!

lavandel--jeans that are too big? what a great nsv! i'm still waiting for that to happen!

jilly--yep, same dvd! how funny! i'm going to try to do the 45 minute 3 mile one tomorrow morning--i ate a really big, carb loaded lunch today! i'll see how long this get up early thing lasts, but it really wasn't as bad as i thought once i got out of bed. anyway, once i'm up, the dog gets up and then she has to go out and when that cold breeze hits, i'm pretty much awake! btw, not to insult you at all, our dog's name is jill, but when i got her, she was so tiny and when she curled up to sleep, she looked like the shape of a bean, so we call her jillybean, bean for short. she's a great dog--a jack russell terrier, very cute and full of energy, so i'm sure it's an appropriate name for you both! hope you're not offended that i compared you to our dog--she is like our child, definitly part of the family!

katt--tissue in the laundry!!??!! is anything more annoying? i do the laundry for the boys i nanny and one of them has a horrible habit of sticking EVERYTHING in his pockets. it seems like i always miss something. the worst was when i missed an orange crayon and it went through the dryer with the whites!

well ladies--gotta run and get my mcdreamy fix for the week! see you tomorrow! lori

february exercise minutes= 240/300...only 60 left
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