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Hi All! good day so far, not much to report.

Angel: Sounds like you have had a rough time. You will fit in nicely here, we all have a story & we all are dealing with issues. This is a great place.

Michelle: Here's to getting back on schedule. DH works the night shift always & it sucks. I can't get on his schedule though because I work during the day & have DD.
I definately think shoes will help. I don't do much barefooted. I wear tennis shoes to do housework even because my back & feet last much longer. I imagine you have been in pain if you have been exercising in your socks.

Angie: Big congrats on losing those inches! Thats alot!

Sharon: Sorry you are feeling down. Hang in there.

Lavendel: Love your new avatar pic.
Congrats on getting a compliment on your new old jeans.

Melissa: Good luck on starting over. A clean slate is nice. You will be at 299 in no time. Stay away from that evil chinese food!

Pochita: Nice to see you post, I see you in the exercise thread all the time. My DH is kinda the same way. He doesn't think I will stick to it so its all sort of a joke to him. I just ignore him & do what I gotta do. Hopefully sooner or later he will get on the band wagon.
Congrats on your loss! Thats great!

Katt: Don't you hate when they leave stuff in their pockets??? My teenage brother & my DH do that. I can't tell you how much crap I have to pull out of the washer & dryer because of them. I nag them constantly about that. Then they get upset with me for washing something important! I'm sorry I thought that the fact that they were crumbled in a ball on the floor of the laundry room meant you wanted them washed.... DUH! The upside of it all is that I keep whatever money I find in the wash!

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