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JILLY - Woo hoo .. lovel the grown up thing of a new bank account lol .. Well done on staying OP and your incredible time for exercise (I still shake my head thinking about it rofl) ... As for your tiredness .. have you been getting enough iron in your diet?? Are you having anything caffinated within say 4-5 hours of going to bed?? Or anything with sugar?? I find that if I have anything sweet in the evening I have a restless sleep cos I have that sugar rush to burn off .. hence the joy of doing my exercises at night lol .. at least that way I will wear off any sweet treat and sugar before bed .. at least it seems to work lately Hope you arent coming down with anything. Stay healthy! I have those days where I read everything I can in here lol .. just to fill time .. and then I start feeling guilty thinking I could be doing some form of exercise (which I am gonna have to get doing again soon lol). Definitely know what you mean tho hun about honesty verses telling them what they want to hear .. its a case of them wanting and not accepting what they need Ive never been a thin adult either lol .. wonder what it will be like .. actually .. if I think real hard about it .. I dont think I have been under a size 20 in ummm ... over 15 years!!! And that was an 18 rofl.

LORI - Good job on the starting of a new thread .. easy when you do it once Hope you are having a lovely day REALLY BIG WTG on getting up so early to exercise hun .. Im so proud of you! Especially not letting work give you an excuse to not exercise!! That is just great news

RAVEN - WELCOME!! This is definitely the space for support! One of our lovely lasses calls this place her non-cal chocolate fix (or something like that lol) .. and it really is .. I have looked on a lot of other support groups for weight loss and this one beats the pants off em! There are such a diverse group of women on here all with varying issues to face and cope with that Im sure that no matter what the problem is that someone on here will know exactly the right thing to say to you. Never fear writing if you have gone off plan .. or you havent done something you should have .. we wont judge you hun .. and most of us have done that on the journey anyway ... but look on every "guilty pleasure" as a learning experience to grow and continue your travel down this new healthy pathway. As for exercise .. it comes in varying forms .. but it is definitely a necessity on this journey .. even if you start off small .. 10 minutes a day .. 5 minutes even .. just dance to a couple of songs in your lounge its great exercise (ask Zenya ... she dances all the time!) ... but set it as a challenge to yourself .. there is an exercise thread on here where we set ourself a challenge of minutes to do and its a great thing to put yourself up for because you have a little more public accountability for what you do or dont do .. but its really your choice and you are the one that has to live with them Big huggies and look forward to seeing you on the boards more and more Just out of curiosity .. I see you have a major goal by your 21st .. when is that?? ah so young!!hum .. nope . wouldnt want to relive it rofl.

MISTI - The pics are fab! And great NSV on gettin those pants on ... I felt the same way as you when the bottoms of an outfit fit but the top was still not going over the protrusion at the front lol .. ah well .. its only the beginning of my journey so I know I will get there eventually .. although I am SURE that the top is a really small 3XL cos all my other ones fit really nicely! Grrrr wish the darn manufacturers would all agree on a size!!

ANGEL - Not willing to call you fallen cos I think Angel sounds just right for you. My real name is Sarah .. but only my mother and siblings call me that .. fortunately I dont hear it often then lol .. Youre right .. your story sounds familiar .. but only parts .. and like everyone else on here while it may not be a perfect match we can all see where you are coming from. I was a thin kid .. never really thought about that much .. until about the age of 9/10 when I started developing and loading on the pounds ... my mum put me on WW when I was 12 (I was classed as barely overweight but that was enough for my mother lol), I did get within 5kg (10lb) of my ideal weight and looked like a walking coathanger so many bones stickin out ... I can honestly say I am big boned and I hate bones sticking out. My older sis lost a lot of weight and her sense of humour and fun seemed to go with the fat .. so that was a subconscious reason for me to not want to be thin .. I like my humour and having fun when I feel the urge .. my sis is not the happiest woman in the world .. but she is slender and fit rofl ... so I look at my 20s as my time of developing me on the inside .. I let the outside go a little too far tho lol .. and I quit smoking 5 years ago next month, cold turkey .. and probably added the 100 pounds Im trying to initially lose. So I hope to see you on the board heaps .. its a great support network .. hope you will join in the exercise challenge too .. its a great reminder to get your body moving rofl. Huggies Thank you for your story and great work on your journey so far .. you must be doing something right

MICHELLE - Thankies .. Im surprised at how easy it feels like this journey is .. I know in a way its not really, I still have the urge to binge and purge ... but when that happens I get in here or find something else to do to distract me long enough for the urge to go Wanna see a piccy of you in your new shoes when they get there too!! As for your starting weight .. look at it this way .. its not something you are ever gonna see again is it?? Sooo while you didnt know it at the time .. its not something you are ever gonna have to know And look .. you have lost so much more now rofl

ANGIE - Great to see you again! WOW .. 4.5 on the thighs?? They will be lil sticks at the rate youre goin Great job ... and I hope the "evil one" doesnt make it too bad for you with the FFM

SHARON - Hun Im sorry you arent feeling in sync .. but PLEASE dont stop posting .. we are here for supporting when you are feeling great AND for when you are having a bad time too .... thats what friends and family are for isnt it?? Big hugs and dont be a stranger

LAVANDEL - Well .. as long as the pancakes were an enjoyed experience lol .. ohh ... that has me wanting one now .. humm .. might think on that for dinner maybe ... I will have to see the calories rofl. Thankies for the boogie on my loss .. as expected TOM is starting to mess with it .. so as long as TOM only messes with that 2 pounds I will be happy lol ... if it makes me go over 285 I will be having a big arguement either with the scales or my body lol. Great work on the jeans .. is a little annoying tho when you dont get a chance to wear out an item of clothing lol.

MELISSA - Good luck on your goals .. I know you can do it

POCHITA - Lovely to see you posting hun .. and really well done on your 3 pounds!!! Trust me ... every mili pound counts on this journey .. so even if its .5 pounds its a great day or week cos it means you are going in the right direction .. and even if it does go up sometimes .. that doesnt necessarily mean you have done something wrong .. on the journey the body will have to adjust .. its been living a certain way for a while .. so even a couple of years on this journey wont be the end of it. Good on you drinking your water too .. that is Sooooo important .. as is the exercise And (you can tell me to keep out now lol .. ) maybe instead of thinking you see something in your hubbies eyes when he looks at you .. tell him what you think you see .. women have an incredible ability to put different words in someones eyes, maybe it would help if you know exactly where he stands with your new lifestyle .. you sound like such a lovely person .. Im sure your hubby must be a goodun too

KATY - Im never sure what to say to someone who has lost someone .. sorry and condolences seem to be so not enough. To lose one through natural causes is one thing .. but losing someone in wartime is to me such a waste of potential. As you may be able to tell I am so antiwar its rediculous .. if I was around in the 60s I would have been one of those flower children I think. The worst part about it is that the powers that make the decisions .. arent the ones with their lives on the line. I wish you a loving spirit to help in your goodbye and I am sure that wherever he is, he will be watching over his family .. as extended as they are. Big Hugs hun.

Also Hiiii to AMMI, HEATHER, ZELMA, ZENYA, KIM, NANCY, PATTI, ANNIE ... omg .. I know I am forgetting a few .. so sorry ... But huggies and hi and hope you are all having a lovely day

Its a beautiful Spring/Summer day here .. dad is busy putting on the bamboo screening for one of the fences .. and we are going down shortly to get the new outdoor seating and BBQ (which dad is gonna take with him cos its a surprise for my hunny for Xmas - we have a 4 burner one but he keeps complaining its not big enough for when we have more than him, Ash & I - so I am getting him a 6 burner hooded one for Xmas) .. wow .. I think that is everyones pressies then .. omg .. gotta remember to wrap up mums X stitch and get it in the post next week or she wont get it in time for her birthday rofl .. not that I am really talking to her .. but its her birthday after all

Gotta go get dressed properly to go into town .. got a load of washing to put on too .. just finished hanging Ashleighs out .. I wish she would learn to check her pockets BEFORE she puts them in the wash rofl .. now there are little pieces of tissue over everything .. and I KNOW she will blame me for that .. even tho she was the one that put the washing on rofl .. ah life as we know it

Oh nugget .. havent had breakfast yet either .. oops .. will be a late meal day all day now rofl.

Will catch up more later!

Love and Laughter!


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