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Hi Raven & Angel, everyone here is great, supporting and offering advice. I realy don't have time for personals, I read & forget, sorry.
Angel, love your avatar & sorry about your health problems, there are ladies here who have survived cancer, numerous operations & traumas so don't feel alone.
I am feeling fed up again, not feeling like doing anything, apart from playing solitaire on the pc. I have forced myself to tidy & do laundry though & of course to care for my two boys & get them off to school & nursery. I thought I ought to let you all know I'm still hanging in here, even if I'm not posting much; I don't want to be a downer on everyone.
Luan, I have no idea how you cope with your mum, all I can offer is my sympathy & heartfelt wishes things get much better soon for you.xxxxx
Misti, I will check your pics out soon, though I KNOW you'll look good.xxxx
Ammi, I'l try & catch you on MSN.xxxxxx

Start of Lap-Band Diet (pre/post op)
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