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Eating for two!
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Raven--WELCOME! This is a FABULOUS group of supportive and helpful women (with the occasional man who may poke his head in, but they never seem to stick around for very long ).

wezi--excellent thread conversion

Misti--WOW what a transformation from your original photos to your new ones on the pics page. You are looking GREAT!

Alright, I did some good grown-up things this week. I opened a new bank account at a bank that pays 2% interest on my checking account (my current bank pays NOTHING!) plus doesn't charge any fees for using other banks' ATMs (plus they reimburse you for any fees that those other ATMs charge you). I changed my direct deposit to automatically put $500 from every paycheck into my online Emigrant Direct savings account (which pays about 5% interest) and then put the rest into my new checking account. Every penny counts, right, and I'll take all I can get since we'll hopefully be buying a place next year.

On the health front, I did my 4:15am workout this morning. I stuck pretty close to my food plan for yesterday (added some pudding and seconds at dinner but still stayed below 2000 calories), and I've got a great plan set out for today.

For some reason, I am feeling so DRAINED. I was literally yawning DURING my workout this morning. And it's not for lack of sleep--I fell asleep on the couch around 8:30 last night, woke up and went straight to bed around 10:30, and got up about 4 this morning. Now I am struggling to keep my eyes open here at the office. I keep finding excuses to get up and walk around (go refill my water bottle again, go chat with the girl in the next cube, go to the bathroom even if I don't really have to pee that badly, etc. ) just to help keep me awake. least tomorrow is Friday!
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