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Trying to find my way.
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I have my meeting tonight so i wonder if anybody will show. I will let you all know tonight. Not much else going on here but staying op and have tons of work to do!!! I can not chat so i will check in tonight!! LEE??? where are you???

I am getting frusterated that this fluid is ot comming off. I am beginning to wonder if it really is fluid!! I can not believe that the holidays packed 5 lbs on me in a few days!! Actually it was 11 in 2 days when i ate all that salt and carbs but then ate not to bad after that so i can not believe it is fat!! That is too fast to gain fat water yes but not fat!! (I have since lost 5 of it peeing)

I have done my numbers my cals is over 1500 daily and under 1800 carbs are under 50 usually under 30 and I have been exercisisng. i wonder if i have gained muscle and lost fat?? I can not tell with my pants as i have been wearing my big ones with long johns under to keep warm. and am to cold just to try on small pants to see if they fit!!! So back to the water water water water and then more water. KEEP my focus. repeat after me I am getting healthy I am getting healthy I am getting healthy
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