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Default Happy Wednesday

Afternoon girlies! I've decided that in order to feel back in the swing I must sit down and plan my menus. I've been flying by the seat of my pants for days now and it's just not feeling good. Something always wants to draw me to say, "I'll start Monday..." because it's already close to the end of the week and weekends are screwed anyways. Now I must decifer, is that really true or another badly do I want this?!! Pretty dang bad, to be in one-derland would be amazing. I just feel like kicking myself because I let go REALLY bad and the scales are reflecting it and I'm feeling defeated by that. I know I get it back down if I only put the effort back in. Just gotta find my motivation down in my socks somewhere. LOL!

Michelle, it's totally understandable that you're finding it difficult to get your "umph" back just having lost your mom. We understand that, what you should be doing is praising yourself for still having the desire to work on yourself. It will come back, one step at a time, just remember not give up on your hearts desire to be healthier. Do it in loving memory of your mom, I'm sure she would want you to stop doing what you've been doing.

Cheryl, congratulations on your new little grand-bundle! 9lbs. 6oz. wow! Was this a natural delivery or section. Kudos to mom if it were natural. If you get a picture soon, be sure to share with us too!

ERIN!! It's good to see you back! Don't worry about goals you've made a long time ago. You're right to revel in the fact that you've lost a lot even though it isn't as much as you wanted. I'm flattered you've come back to feed off of me, but I may have to nibble off of you a bit!! LOL! The dresses are for my daugther, Christmas dresses and I can't decide which one.

Robbin, great news to hear you're getting back to ticker. At least some of us are having success. Time to kick the rest of us back in the game!

Have a great day!

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
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