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Just make it something you do, everyday. Sometimes you're going to feel fat, some weeks the scale isn't going to move, some days family/friends aren't going to be supportive, some meals you will get sick of grilled chicken and steamed veggies. For me, the hardest part of weight loss was sticking with it past the "honeymoon" phase. I was always so excited to start a new plan, so full of optimism! This time I will really do it! Plans and measurements, weekly weigh ins and grocery trips, tons of exercises and excel spread sheets. That kind of motivation lasts 2 weeks for me, 1 month tops. The hardest thing I ever did was keep working at it even when I didn't feel positive or motivated.

I kept telling myself "I don't eat that anymore." I kept telling myself "I pack my lunch everyday." I kept telling myself "I exercise 5 times a week." Whatever I felt, happy, sad, fat, thin, depressed, motivated...that didn't matter.

Good luck!
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