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Good morning everybody. I figured I had better get in here and move us to the front page or no one will ever see the new thread.

We had one of those no sleep nights and I have been up since 2 AM. I finally gave up at 3 and sat up and watched "My Fellow Americans" with James Garner and Jack Lemmon playing ex-presidents. I really liked this movie when it came out. It is pretty funny. I finally came downstairs at 5 to find the cat had decided to go on the rug and then cover it up with Puppy Pads so I had that to clean up. I don't know what is wrong with my animals lately. Maybe I need that dog whisperer to come to the house and give them both psycho-analysis!

We had lunch with dd yesterday. Jack got a Circuit City gift card and I got a Barnes and Noble. I used some of my birthday money and the gift card and bought three books online and they should be here the end of the week. One of my favorite authors has come out of retirement and is writing again, Dick Francis. I got hooked on him years ago when I was going through some medical issues and was pretty much confined to the house for a few weeks. My dd went to the library for me and told the librarian what kind of books I liked to read and she suggested him. I have read all his books, but he supposedly retired 6 years ago. Come to find out, his wife had died. I am surprised he started writing again because the man is EIGHTY SIX! I am excited to read his new book though it got great reviews.

I am sitting here proofreading my stuff and I am so tired I have rearranged letters in part of it! So, with that being said, guess I will go back to bed and take my hubby back with me. He said his back is feeling better.

Have a great Tuesday all!

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