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Good Friday everyone! It's a good Friday because I'm not working. The only drawback is I have a cold and I'm a big baby. (The operative word there is big!) It's not as much fun when you are home and don't feel good. My friends wanted me to go to lunch today but I thought sitting at that table with a Kleenex up my nose might not look good.

CJ---It's official I'm joining WW on Tuesday, so I will have a new weight for you on Tues. night. My sister called and had joined so I decided me too. I will be happy with 1/2 lb. lost. I hope you are too.

Sandi and Judy---I guess I slept thru your birthdays, so belated Happy Birthday and many hugs.

Sam---I am so happy for you and your little one. Keep us informed. Do you want me to come and rock him/her when they get here? I love rocking babies almost as much as I love eating! Good luck to you.

Jo---I know you will get back on plan but will you get that vaccuming done.????? When it gets down to the last minute, I know you will.

I am sitting here with 5 boxes of girl scout cookies, unopened. How long will it last? CJ when I changed my e-mail address I think I lost the one where you gave the points on GS cookies. If you still have it could you send it again?

Sorry I haven't address everyone but it is time to replace the kleenex in my nose and take a nap. See you soon and have a great week-end.
BTW I to have a daughter coming home for the week-end and guess what's she's bringing. Laundry of course! Where did we go wrong?
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