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This same forum there is a low carb #15 thread, we usually do the support and kick butt and chatt there. please join us there too. Do not worry about being new to low carb we all have been there, and there are many questions to ask do not hesitate welwill give you the answers. I know how you are gfeeling carbs were my life i would buy a box of sugar cubes and hide them so i could eat them myself. and make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and save half of the batter to eat. and frosting well lets say that i have gotten pretty good at making a great chocolate frosting!!! and that is just the sugar end of it we will stop there or i will be hungry!!! (psycologocal thing) So support you need support and kick butt you will get!!!!

Great job on the water! I took in about 100 yesterday and workin on 60 oz for todau so far!

as for the exercise do not start till you have a few weeks of your diet under your witng. the reason is that for the first weeks your body is trying to learn to burn fat instead of carbs for energy and it will take some time to get used to it. you may hafe feelings of being tired and yucchy but that lasts only a week at the most then give it another week so your body adjusts before youstart. You do not want to change too much at a time or it will be to much change and you will not be able to maintain the change and revert right back to the old ways at the first sighn of stress,

then you will feel like you have failed (which you have not) and many give up at this time. You need to remember that this is not a diet but you are changing your life you will have times when you do eat carbs but that will not be the norm, and you will not want it to be the norm once you clear your body of the extra carbage. You will be amazed at how much better you feel without the extra carbs. and when you do eat them you will be amazed at how boad and draged down you feel and headaches, heartburn comes back, you feel tired all day and sleep when ever you sit. and well i will stop now. I could go on for much longer but i have to check the other threads.
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