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Hi everyone. Just a quick note. It is late and I have to bowl in the moroning.

I have stayed the same for 2 weeks now. Not up and not down. I guess that is good, but I would like to go down at least 1lb this week.

Sam: So good to hear from you again. Hope things work out for you and your boyfriend. Can't wait to hear about your baby when he or she gets here. Take care of yourself.

JO: That is Great on you weight loss. I know that one day of see food diet won't change you from your goal. I bet it didn't even make a differece when you weigh in again.

ZOE: It is so hard when the kids move out. MY son moved out last month. It really hit me hard when I came home to find all of his stuff moved out. He did come home for dinner tonight. I also get to see him at least once a week and he calls me almost everyday. He also raids the house for food and whatever else he can find. Of course I don't say no.

Sandi: I am sorry to have forgotten your B_day! HOPE it was wonderful. Happy Birthday

Well, I am going to bed and will talk later. Take care everyone. Thanks for being my friends. Mary Kay
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