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Default I love your idea!

Here's my entry for today. Hope it doesn't discourage anyone, but rather serves to show you, "See, I wasn't so bad afterall~ there's someone who is worse off than me!!"
Today I awoke and made a vow to do what it is that I know I should. I'm sure I don't need to include that part here. I promptly ate some chocolate candy, made breakfast, and snacked on cookies throughout the day. Later on I went out alone, and thought it was a grand idea to stop off at Burger King and order their 2 for a buck tacos. Parking in a remote area so as not to be seen by anyone who may think "Look, it's a fat lady sneak-eating". I was enjoying the last few bites, when my husband called and asked me to pick up Chinese on the way home. Of course I got his favorite, AND mine.
Tell me, does anyone else do crazy things like this, because it's sort of the norm for me? That candy really set me off in an eating frenzy. I wish I could feel hunger again, because I haven't since Thanksgiving. I really do hate this cycle I'm on, and want to get back on track. I feel hopeful that now I have some place to share instead of keeping this nasty secret all to myself. Thanks, ladies. Hope to have a bunch of encouraging words before my first bite of carbs in the morn.
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