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Well i changed my ticker, i *think* i lost a pound. I dont know what the deal was with the scale. I weighed 2 pounds less yesterday morning. Then by night time was only up .5 (which is good for me at night), then this morning i step on the scale...up 3 pounds. Step on the scale again, in disbelief, it says i lost 3 pounds. Ok, so now i pace the house. Pace, pace, pace. Go back to the scale...telling myself, this is it, what i weigh is what i put down. It says i lost 1 pound. So that is what i am sticking with for the week. Dang it. With the scale being that nutty...i just dont know what the actual number is, so i feel like i am guessing, like i am frauding myself or something. Whatever, i think it is just crazy because I am in full swing of TOM and it came 3 days early and i couldnt do my elliptical last night, I think i am just going to block out this week in my head and look forward to my gym visit and put all my energy and focus into next week.

Shyla-Sometimes it is just like the world is fighting your healthy plan. I can relate, with it being TOM AND my ellipitical biting the has been an up hill battle for me too. It sounds very nice though to have a hot date with dh, that one sounds worth the cals. In your situation, sometimes i think the best thing is like your doing, you just go with it and know that you will get back on track when the smoke clears. I am sure whatever you put back on will be back off in no time. Maybe it will do your metabolism good to raise those cals for a while, just to shock it by dropping them back down when your body least expects it.

Tina-Mmmm Thanksgiving. My kids are out of school today and all next week too, fall break. I am looking forward to spending the week with them. I just cant pass up Thanksgiving. I love for my house to be full of people , the smell of my house after cooking all day, i just love the whole thing. My favorite time of the year. I am really, really going to try to cut corners here and there to be able to get to that gym. I am cutting my hours back from 30 a week to 16 a week starting next week, so now that i have time to go to the GYM, i only hope i have the cash to go to the gym, ha ha. I used to go when i was a SAHM and i LOVED it. But lost track of my priorities when i started working again. So hopefully this can put things back in perspective.

Louie- Hey gal, hope the interviews went well. Hang in there, its Friday.

Ribbin-I have a membership to that know, the one where the scale determines your mood. I am as fussy as a wet hen today because of my scales indecision and my pants are tight, whereas they were fine earlier this week, due to TOM I am sure. I didnt know kids got Scarlet fever anymore either. WHen the doc told me that, i felt like i had stepped back in time...that just seemed like 1800's stuff to me. Scared the heck out of me.

Ok gals, thanks for listening to me fuss and moan.
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