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Hello Ladies!

It's about 74 degrees outside and I'm sitting home with Drew.His School called my School this morning and said he was sick.I left School ,went & got him...came home...he slept for about 30 minutes...woke up & said his tummy don't hurt anymore! UGH!! Oh well...I'm gonna take advantage of this & stay home too! I need a day off!!

Carolyn~~~~ I loved the footloops story too! You never know what kids will say!! LOL! My School is K-4 and they are so cute & funny! I have a cute story to share too! One day last week after School,we bring our "left over" car riders back in the School lobby to wait for their rides.One of the teachers asked a little boy sitting there in the chair what his name was.After he told her that his name was Styles, she asked him what grade he was in. His reply was..." Oh,I'm not in a grade! I'm in Kindergarten!" It was so cute & funny!! LOL...Out of the mouths of babes!!

Jo~~~~ I LOVE those girl Scout cookies too!!! I always buy the Tagalongs! You know the ones with choc. & peanut butter!!?? Hmmmmmmmm!! BUT this year ......WE WILL BE GOOD RIGHT?????!!!!

CJ~~~~ I loved the Martha Steward story! I bet she was about to bust her bubble!! LOL!! Too funny!! I'm such a neat freak that hubby has called me Martha a couple of times! I told him that if he stopped,I would do better about the house not looking so perfect all the time!! LOL! CONGRATS on the weight loss!!!!! I'm soooo proud of you girl!! Hopefuuly in the next month you'll be hearing me scream with excitement too!! I'm not going to let that "ONE" day get me down! Oh heck NO!!

Kelster~~~~ You seem to be doing so good! Thats ok if you had spaghetti! Its the 2nds thats bad!Right? Congrats on exercising too! Way to go!! Keep it up!!!

Angel-Eyes~~~~ Don't you hate it when you try so hard to eat the right way & those scales just won't move? But they will! Give it time..I bet my next week it will show a loss! Hang in there & don't give up! OK?

Chrissy~~~~I'll be thinking of you on Monday.I know that everything will go fine.Have faith & remember we're all here for you.I know that you need to put this behind you and move on.Good Luck sweetie & let us know how it went.{{{{{ chrissy }}}}

Regency~~~~ How is the doggy? Was he sick or just needed some extra attention? I don't know if you buy "Woman's World" magazine but this week,it has an article about what your cat or dogs bark or meow means.It's real interesting and thought maybe animal lovers would like to read it!!

Sharon~~~~ Hi Babe! How are you? Are you sick of looking at numbers yet??? I bet those taxes are driving you crazy now huh? We haven't even filed yet.Not getting back much so really not in a rush! I know you must be sad about no more band. After all these years,it must be sad.My son,Drew is in his first year in band.I make him go up in the woods behind our house to practice his trumphet!! LOL! I don't know if he'll stick to it or not.I always encourge my kids to do the best they can BUT honestly he has no music talent! I wouldn't DARE tell him that but I can't stand to hear him play it! Aren't I a bad Mom? LOL! As to read your always make me laugh!!

Where do you live? Don't you just love these "spring time" days? But if your weather is like ours...(TN) " will nbe snowing next week!" Enjoy your weather,and do take a walk!!

Gail~~~~ How did Cambrees' Valentines turn out? Your such a sweet person! I bet every child wishes that they had a grandma like you!!! She's a very lucky little girl! On this Valentine's Day, it will be mine & hubbys 14th Wedding Ann.!! Thought that was pretty neat..14 years on the 14th! Don't know for sure yet what we'll do but will let you know!

Better go now..If I didn't address you,I'm sorry.I don't even know for sure if its gonna take this long one!! I'll hit "summit and say a prayer!" Talk to ya'll soon!

Sherry (Sher-Bear)

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